Administration and management of communities

Administration and management of communities

We ensure a efficient and transparent administration and management of all financial, legal and technical matters essential for the care and economic sustainability of your community.

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Financial sustainability

Guarantee the proper functioning of the community, requires a structured collection and payment plan, and monitoring its compliance.

Economic-Financial Control

Plan well in advance to submit to the Board the expense budget and planned investments and their financing.

Budget execution

It's not just about approving a budget. It is necessary to be vigilant in their execution deadlines and control payments to suppliers

Manage and administer

Supervise and control suppliers, direct the personnel employed within the property or carry out the necessary steps to resolve breakdowns.

Ensure agreements

Ensure compliance with the agreements adopted at the Meetings, and where appropriate, act to demand compliance.

Guard and Custody

Custody of Board minute books, community documentation, issuance of certificates on the status of debts or Board agreements 

In Meridional we are moved

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we are part of your community

Our commitment to efficient and excellent management involves establish close and direct relationships with the communities. We make periodic visits to them to verify their status. and respond to questions and suggestions from owners.

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We know that homeowner communities are demanding, and that is why at Meridional we are committed to effective and solid management of them.

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Make an appointment with our agents because we want to hear how we can help you. Remember that we speak English.

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