Home insurance for foreigners in Spain

If you also call it home, we want to protect it.

A home insurance policy designed for foreigners living in our country.

  • All the cover and services you need.
  • Maximum protection in all incidents.

Home insurance for foreigners in Spain

If you also call it home, we want to protect it.

A home insurance policy designed for foreigners living in our country.

  • All the cover and services you need.
  • Maximum protection in all incidents.

Are you looking for home insurance to protect your biggest asset in Spain?

Why insure my home in Spain?

Every house in every place is different, so every home insurance policy should be unique.

We will analyse the coverage options you need to protect it effectively and at the best price. We will study your case so that you don’t have to pay more than you need to.

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Home insurance for foreigners in Spain

Get to know our best coverages

  • Each home is unique. We adapt to the characteristics of your home and its current use: main home, vacation home, unoccupied home or rental home.
  • Handyman Service: All the selected companies have DIY service for small jobs in your home: placing shelves, pictures, aesthetic details and much more.
  • Servihogar: Emergency services for unforeseen events in your home: emergency electricity, locksmith, water emergencies, etc.
  • Vehicle Theft: We select companies that indemnify for goods and personal effects stolen from inside your vehicle, as long as it is inside a closed garage or parking lot.
  • Theft outside the home: We select companies that indemnify for the theft of property that you may suffer outside the home, or when this happens to your spouse or children. We include the cost of reissuing documentation such as passports or driving licenses, among others.
  • Fraudulent use of cards: We select companies that cover losses caused when other people use stolen bank cards inside or outside the insured dwelling, whether they are yours (as the insured) or belong to your spouse or children.
  • Sporadic rental: We select companies that, if you decide to rent your usual dwelling sporadically, cover civil liability and vandalism acts that may be caused by temporary tenants in your dwelling or in the dwelling of third parties (only available in the Principal Dwelling category).

Quality commitment*

  • We are so confident in the good service of the companies that we only offer those that are committed to response and repair times.
  • In less than 24 hours a professional will contact the insured and plan the assistance.
  • In less than 48 hours the repair schedule will be communicated.
  • In less than 72 hours the designated professional will start the repair work.

*Check with Meridional for details of each insurer’s commitment.

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Request a personalised quote today

We have the home insurance for foreigners in Spain with the best coverage.

Coverage and services tailored to your needs

You can configure your insurance policy to suit the home you want to protect: penthouses, lofts, chalets, etc. We advise you so that you do not take out more cover than necessary and you have maximum protection.

Different contracting modalities

We adapt to the type of property and the use for which it is intended.
We have the modality that best suits your needs:

  • Main Dwelling. (MD)
  • Holiday home (HH)
  • Rented dwelling (RD)
  • Unoccupied dwelling (UD)

Civil Liability

What if I leave the tap running and cause damage to all my neighbours? By insuring your home with us you will be covered for any damage you may cause to a third party.
Always available in the four types of insurance.

  • Civil Liability

Fire, electrical and weather damage

Your home is your shelter, so we protect it against unforeseen events such as rain, wind, hail, snow, lightning, fire, smoke and much more. Available from most insurance companies.

Call or contact us for full details.

Water damage

What if my washing machine breaks and my flat floods with all my belongings inside? Most companies protect your home against material losses caused by water leaks in pipes, pipes, tanks, domestic appliances, forgetting to turn off taps or water stopcocks, freezing, etc.

Legal protection, bonds, defence and claims

What if my neighbour sues me, what do I do? You will always have professional legal assistance for you, your spouse, your partner and your children, as well as when you decide to initiate a claim against a third party. Available from most insurance companies.

  • Lawyers’ fees and expenses.
  • Fees, duties and other expenses arising from the proceedings.
  • Expert’s fees if necessary.
  • Legal advice by telephone on tax issues, contracts, etc.


Your memories, your dreams, your possessions are in your home, protect them against loss. Companies can indemnify in the event that they are stolen (by robbery, theft or burglary) from your home, annexes or outbuildings.

Available in the Main Home, Holiday Home and Rental Home categories. Not available for Unoccupied Housing.

  • Compensation for stolen goods.
  • Repair of damage resulting from theft or attempted theft.
  • Burglary outside the home.
  • Replacement of keys and locks.
  • Fraudulent use of credit and debit cards.

Optional coverages

If you also need extra protection to protect yourself, you have numerous optional covers with which you can personalise your policy.

  • Storage rooms and gardens.
  • Repair of domestic appliances.
  • Breakdown and breakdown of computer equipment.
  • Support for computer equipment (included in the Main Dwelling category).
  • Pets.
  • Civil liability for dangerous dogs.
  • Personal accidents in the home.
  • Loss of refrigerated goods (included in the main dwelling modality).

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Taking care of the important things

At Meridional we know that people are interested in four things: a simple insurance contracting process, that it is affordable, with adequate coverage, with good customer service when problems arise and if possible at least in English.

Our approach is clear: make insurance easy, fast and hassle-free. We are here to look after our homeowners and provide insurance that responds.

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Specialized consulting

Our professionals are also foreigners who one day came to live in Malaga and know your problems from experience.

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Fast service

We will always process an insurance or claim quickly, because we like to be attentive to any inconvenience or doubt you may have.

We speak your language

We don’t want language to be a barrier. We speak English and will do our best to communicate with you and help you.

Extraordinary Conditions

We have the experience and credibility of the leading companies in the market, which will provide the highest quality cover for you.

Home insurance expatries

Simple to hire

Please call us or write us leaving your details and we will attend you by phone, by mail, WhatsApp or in an appointment at our office in Miraflores.

Home insurance expatries

Payment facilities

All our insurances have payment facilities: for example monthly (health), quarterly, half-yearly or annually for the others.

We don’t say we care, our customers do.

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