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How to take out your Expatriate Insurance in 3 easy steps.

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Taking care of the important things

At Meridional we know that people are interested in four things: a simple insurance contracting process, that it is affordable, with adequate coverage, with good customer service when problems arise and if possible at least in English.

Our approach is clear: make insurance easy, fast and hassle-free. We are here to look after our homeowners and provide insurance that responds.

insurance for foreigners

Specialized consulting

Our professionals are also foreigners who one day came to live in Malaga and know your problems from experience.

expatriate insurance

Fast service

We will always process an insurance or claim quickly, because we like to be attentive to any inconvenience or doubt you may have.

We speak your language

We don’t want language to be a barrier. We speak English and will do our best to communicate with you and help you.

Extraordinary Conditions

We have the experience and credibility of the leading companies in the market, which will provide the highest quality cover for you.

Home insurance expatries

Simple to hire

Please call us or write us leaving your details and we will attend you by phone, by mail, WhatsApp or in an appointment at our office in Miraflores.

Home insurance expatries

Payment facilities

All our insurances have payment facilities: for example monthly (health), quarterly, half-yearly or annually for the others.

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Ask for an appointment with our agents because we want to hear how we can help you. Remember we speak English

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