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MERIDIONAL, community care

A professional team that looks after the community of property owners.

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What does C.A.R.E. really mean?


More than 20 years of experience
We carry out work based on honesty
We treat each community individually to personalise


We help each member of the community
We can help with all your businesses in Spain
We take care of your needs


Legislation for the community and owners
Employing professionals and services
Local and foreign taxes


We see your queries through to resolution
We respond promptly
We give solutions, not excuses

Committed to 100% transparency

When contracting for jobs, suppliers and services it is common to have some distrust. Meridional is committed to transparent contracting protocols that ensure jobs are carried out well with the best prices. A basic premise of this protocol is to ensure the community committee is kept up to date throughout the process.

Our work

Our services

  • Área de Contratación de Personal

    Personnel Contracting

  • Área Técnica y Mantenimiento

    Technical and Maintenance Section

  • Área de Consultoría Legal

    Legal Advice Section

  • Área de Oficina Virtual

    Virtual Office Section

  • Área Administrativa

    Administrative Section

  • Área Económico-Financiera

    Economic-Financial Section

Extra Services

These are our “extra services” designed to help you with handling your affairs in Spain.


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